Setting the Stage for Life

The Lulus Show is a fun-filled interactive learning experience developed by a team of theatre and early childhood specialists in Perth, Western Australia. It is delivered through the medium of live theatre and designed specifically for 0 to 8 year olds.

The show embraces themes including empowerment through learning, the need for compassion, sun safety, tolerance, taking care of the environment, sharing, manners, and the importance of exercise and a healthy diet.

These themes are conveyed through the theatre devices of song, dance, mime, storytelling, and puppetry – making the show itself an avenue through which entertainment transcends into education. Education in a form of entertainment creates a captive audience which stimulates a perfect harmonious learning environment and makes learning fun!


The Lulus offer a range of options to suit your requirements and budget, with prices starting from just $315 (+GST). For full details, please click on the buttons below.


Audience reactions to The Lulus shows at Parenting Australia last year were fascinating. Children were ‘acting-out’ things that they had just seen on stage, making a ‘show’ of sharing with friends and siblings, while parents were looking for resource material. It was great to witness such an instant impact on families’ lives.

Jo Allum

National Marketing Manager, Parenting Australia

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