Welcome to
Lulu Island!

Meet the Lulus!

Irene is the host of The Lulus Show. She is young and bubbly, and loves life on Lulu Island. She is confident and positive and is always encouraging her friends to overcome their fears and be the best they can be.

Irene takes care of Fin as he is the youngest on the Island. She loves to keep him happy by reading him adventure stories and getting Lu Boy and Lu Girl to act them out.

Irene loves all children and always includes them in her singing and dancing.

Lu Boy is one of the Lulu twins. He is 5 years old and very adventurous and loves to explore. Lu Boy loves to let his imagination run wild  with all his friends at his favourite place – Lulu Island.

He is tall and strong and filled with enthusiasm when faced with a challenge. Lu Boy is creative, intelligent and healthy.

He loves to learn through play, song, dance and adventure, and tries his best at all times. He is caring and always looks out for his sister, Lu Girl.

Neuro is a solar-powered robot that lives on Lulu Island. He is 2 1/2 years old. He is very smart and seems to always have the answers to everything.

Neuro always falls asleep when there is no sun to give him energy – EVEN when he is in the middle of a conversation! The Lulus and their friends always involve the audience in blowing the clouds away to wake Neuro back up.

Neuro loves to sing educational and interactive songs. He believes that learning is fun and loves to share his knowledge with his friends.

Fin is a 1 year old baby shark that lives in the lagoon on Lulu Island. He loves the water and gets very sad when people litter his beach. He enjoys his visits to the beach with his friends who always make sure they are all protected from the sun – with a hat, shirt and sunscreen.

Fin gets shy in front of large crowds. He’ll often hide under Irene’s neck. When Fin feels happy or excited he flaps his arms. Everybody on the island takes care of each other. Fin is the youngest, so everyone always looks out for him.

Lu Girl is one of the Lulu twins. She is 5 years old and loves to sing and dance. Sometimes she gets shy and Lu Boy and her friends give her confidence to sing in front of everybody.

She is smart, ambitious and asks a lot of questions. Lu Girl is very sweet and kind and always empowers people to be the best they can be.

She embraces life, is non-judgmental and cares for everyone equally.

Lu Girl loves her brother, Lu Boy, and they take care of one another.

Spike is a 4-year-old Australian lizard called a Moloch. He lives on Lulu Island. He is fit  and healthy, loves to play outside and is very sporty.

He only eats healthy food and enjoys lots of fresh fruit and vegetables that give him lots of energy to exercise all day.

Spike always includes his friends in his games and encourages everyone to join in. Spike also likes to sing and dance. He often sings songs about being active and eating healthily and loves to include the audience in his activities and song.

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