Easy to sell

“Magic Blue Canoe” features all the colourful Lulus characters that have been captivating Western Australian audiences for almost 10 years and communicates the importance of cooperation and the power of imagination. The book also touches on other themes that run through all The Lulus’ shows including sun safety, recycling, the importance of family and taking care of each other, and embracing the differences of others.

By combining colourful characters, eye-catching illustrations and important lessons with a tale of adventure, “Magic Blue Canoe” appeals to parents, teachers, and children alike, and makes a perfect gift.

An educational and healthy fundraising alternative

Support your school or organisation’s positive messages about education and health by choosing an educational and healthy fundraising product.

High profits

Each book sells for $14.99 and your organisation will get to keep 50% of the proceeds from each book sold. That is $7.50 per book! If you sell just 50 books, you will raise $365! If you sell 100 books, you will raise $750!! Selling 500 books will raise $3,750!!!

High incentives

The Lulus offer effective and exciting incentives for orders of more than 5 boxes of books (75 books per box). Talk to us about having a FREE live performance at your fundraising launch / school!

Risk free and simple

There is no minimum order or large outlay upfront. Simply purchase a sample book/s ($7.50 per book), which includes a free sales kit, and start fundraising today! At the end of your chosen fundraising period, you simply order and pay for the books you sold.

We’re here to help

The Lulus team will work along side your school’s fundraising co-ordinator to ensure you achieve your fundraising goal, including provision of artwork for posters to promote the books, and envelopes for team members to collect money.

For more information on fundraising with The Lulus, please phone Irene now on 1300 843 585 (1300 THELULUS) or email irene@thelulus.com.au.

One of the best fundraising decisions we have ever made! The entire process could not have been easier (Thank you Team Lulus!) and we made a healthy profit selling a healthy product!


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